Creating A Fan Intimacy Curve

The Fan Intimacy Curve

An intimacy curve is a concept for lifetime value for each client. It is a simple idea, but can general long-term results.

When an organization has a continuum of offerings working from free to the most expensive that the business can use as a way to propel their guests from one end to the highest offerings. This can be really valuable for teams and sales reps because as we struggle to compete with other entertainment options and the in-home watching experience, the intimacy curve can be our way of winning fans and attention.

There are a couple of ways to put the intimacy curve to work for any organization.

Create A Path For Fans

In too many instances we view each of the points of contact with our fans as individual items, but what would happen if you began to think about the entire path for your fans? What would be the kickoff point for a fan? What would be the most intimate and expensive way that you could engage a fan? What would the touch points be along the way?

To use my own business as an example, I start with free things like blogs, newsletters, and articles, but have as an endpoint one of a kind, personalized coaching and seminar experiences with consulting, coaching, books, and courses along the way.

As a team, could you create an ultimate fan journey that leads from the first visit to your webpage to something as exotic as GM for a day or something even bigger?

Every Fan Is On The Path

Sports brands have the greatest thing going for them, a visceral and emotional connection to the brand that is almost unbreakable. Just ask a Cubs’ fan if they have a choice in the matter. Or a Boston sports fan? Philadelphia?

“How do you take advantage of that more readily?”

You have to look at your fans as on a path.

And your job as a member of the organization is to create a path that leads them down a road of lifelong connection to the organization, capturing some of that value so that you can continue to nurture that relationship over the life of the fan.

The Intimacy Of Fandom

You can do this in any number of ways, but one that I have thought about is finding a way to create The Ultimate Fan. This could use the accumulation of points from attending games, watching games on TV, social media interactions, merchandise purchases, and on and on.

What would be the value in having all of your fans fighting for the chance to be the ultimate fan of your team? Or having a Fan Hall of Fame? You can do anything you want, but remember the fan is on a path. How can you help them?

Adapt, Improve, Reward

As we have more and more communications options and more and more viewing options, the ways that we can engage with our fans and customers will change. That means that even the best ideas assembled today will be quaint and outdated in a year or two. So as you plan out an intimacy path for your fans, understand that evolution is going to be a part of it.

Plus, as good business people, you should always be testing and validating your assumptions and taking the information you learn and trying to apply it in new and different ways.

Dave Wakeman

Dave Wakeman is a globally recognized expert in the areas of revenue, strategy, and marketing. His consulting firm, Wakeman Consulting Group, has attracted clients like Odwalla, Yellow Tail Wines, the US Department of State, American Express, Madison Square Garden, and Volunteers of America. Wakeman will be teaching "Making The Strategic Sale" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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