Creating Worth For Clients

Client Worth

Worth isn’t always obvious to the seller, but the client knows value when they see it. Especially when they feel value in the product that they are thinking about purchasing. Value isn’t always what you think it is either.

One of the challenges we face is figuring out what is valuable to our clients and prospects and what isn’t. So how do we understand value in a way that enables us to make more, higher value sales?

The Client Always Defines Worth

This is an issue I have with the “Always Be Closing” school of thought. It assumes that you have some higher level of knowledge about what your prospect needs.

That’s wrong. You have no idea, but you can find out. How? You can ask.

Ask your prospects what they hope to gain by going to a game: this might open up a conversation about wanting to impress their child, or entertain a client, or create a promotion for their business. Who knows? But the key is that you do not define value, your client does. So let them tell you what value means to them.

Worth Is Fluid

 Ask yourself a quick question: When was the last time you changed your mind? I’m sure it was in the last 20 minutes or so.

What does this mean in terms of value? It means that what someone finds value in will change over time and likely many times. So you need to always be aware that value is fluid and will change over and over again. So be aware.

Worth Increases, Evolves Through Relationships

This is may be the key to your long-term sales success, understanding that value evolves and increases (and to be fair, can decrease) based on the investment in your relationships.

So what can you do to increase the value of your relationships so that you are nurturing them? You have to always be delivering value. There are many ways for you to deliver value that strengthens a relationship with a client.

Creating Worth For A Client

Make a referral

Share an article or book

Ask questions

Offer up ideas

Worth Is Not Transactional

The thing about value is that it grows or shrinks depending on the strength of your connection with your audience. And in sports, we all too often look at our relationships as transactional items, but the course of value runs deeply through our relationships.

Dave Wakeman

Dave Wakeman is a globally recognized expert in the areas of revenue, strategy, and marketing. His consulting firm, Wakeman Consulting Group, has attracted clients like Odwalla, Yellow Tail Wines, the US Department of State, American Express, Madison Square Garden, and Volunteers of America. Wakeman will be teaching "Making The Strategic Sale" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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