Climbing The Sales Mountain

Understanding The Sales Mountain

Everyday, we climb mountains. Both in sales and reality.

A little while back, I climbed a real mountain. The weather was 90 degrees, so it just about killed me, but I did it.  And it made me think about some of our experiences with team sales. Two things came through loud and clear:  Persistence, and when the going gets hot, sometimes we have to take a deep breath, regroup, and move forward again.

When Doubt Creeps In

One-third of the way up I knew it was easier to go back down than to move forward.  But that’s a cop out in sales…we start, we don’t get a response, we don’t get the response we want, so we quit.  Quitting is not – and never has been – in my vocabulary.  So I moved forward.  Halfway up I paused again to catch my breath and drink a million gallons of water, and some random guy about my daughter’s age stopped and sat down next to me.  He said ‘you can do it…and I’m going to stay at the top till you get there to cheer for you.’  Well, of course I was going to do it, but I didn’t know if he wanted to wait up there a day or two.  Still, I knew I had someone cheering for me. Someone telling me I could do it. Someone who believed in me…something we all need.

Point of No Return

Three-Fourths of the way up I was really hoping they were selling bottled water up there or had a wine bar or something….a reason to celebrate! It was hot (a terrible time to be climbing) but when things get hot and we are ‘on the burner’ to get sales made, that’s when we have to step into the heat and get it done.  I looked down and realized that if it were easy, everyone in the state would be doing it.  If sales were easy, they wouldn’t need us.  We’re needed because we step into that heat and make things happen.  I was more determined than ever to make this climb.

Achieving The Impossible

The last fourth just about did me in. It wasn’t a climb but an actual scramble on all fours. But if you are that close to goal, no matter the heat, you are going to turn up the energy and get it done.  Sweating, tired, and a few scratches and bruises later, I met the guy on top applauding me as I made it.

And this is where we all come in for each other. We achieve the impossible (or sometimes doubtful), we keep persistence, we spend hours in the heat and oftentimes get scratched and bruised along the way.  But when we make it to the top – by not giving up and instead going after that which we have to achieve – we are there for each other to celebrate.  Maybe it’s an email to all, maybe it’s a high five, maybe it’s a 50 piece marching band…but whatever it is, it reminds us that we’re in it together.

The Sales Mountain Every Day

Every day in sales we are climbing a mountain, and sometimes in unbelievable heat.  We have expectations, we have ups and downs, we are tired, we are sweating it out, and we would love to just give up.  But we are true salespeople and so we have persistence. And when the going gets hot, sometimes we have to take a deep breath, regroup, and move forward again.  Knowing that you have a lot of ‘guys’ just as I did to cheer you on as you reach it helps keep the momentum moving forward.


Together we can make great things happen, no matter what the temperature! Set your sights and make it happen!

Kathy Burrows

Kathy Burrows

Kathy Burrows has developed multiple revenue streams for franchises for over a decade. Burrows will be teaching "Winning Over Group Leaders" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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