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My six step sales cadence is about building a sales pipeline and following up on prospecting. Yet, so few people do it. This is why they fail at sales, and typically have smaller revenue results and don’t hit their projections. Consider it a pipeline problem when there are no follow-up calls. How many dollars have been left on the table simply because there was not a follow up call? Quite a few, in fact, as it is one of the top 10 ways to kill a sales rep’s revenue generation.

Over the years I often wonder how many sales reps have called me and never followed up to see if I was interested in the note, e-mail, message they left me, or conversation we had.

Why don’t people follow up? If you don’t follow up how can you answer questions, qualify the lead, overcome the any objections, or ask for the sale?

Follow-Ups Matters In Sports Sales

Have you ever received information on a product that looks interesting, but you have some questions or concerns? You put it to the side thinking you will get to it later. Instead, it gets buried in a pile and eventually thrown out. If the sales person that sent it to you called to follow up, you could have your questions and concerns answered and you might purchase the product.

Salespeople need to realize that customers may or may not need the product. It is the salesperson’s job to convince the customer that they do need it. This is done during the follow up call. Introduce the customer to the product in the initial correspondence then do the selling in the follow up call.

This seems like a simple enough reason, so why don’t some sales people follow up? Are they afraid of the answer? I would rather get an answer. If it’s a positive answer, I get the sale. If it’s a negative answer, I can address any concerns the customer may have or make necessary adjustments in the proposal to get the sale.   I may not get every sale, but I will still get more if I follow up.

It is important to create a Follow Up sales cadence. Establish a checklist with a timeline.

The Six Steps Sales Cadence

I am currently working in a six step sales cadence that will help us know if someone is interested in a product, or else we can move on within a set amount of business days.

  • Step 1 – Email
  • Step 2 – Phone Call
  • Step 3 – Phone Call
  • Step 4 – Phone Call
  • Step 5 – Email
  • Step 6 – Phone Call

The days in-between the steps are determined after you use it and receive input on the most productive approach. With any CRM system you can create follow up action steps.

If the prospect is not interested the case is closed. If the prospect is interested, you can have a structured way to proceed. If they are interested then they become a sales opportunity. If they are not interested then they come out of the cadence quickly. You need a unified metrics system of how to qualify a prospect so that everyone is entering prospects the right way.

This helps you make sure you can manage a realistic pipeline and that it is qualified accordingly.

Creating The Sales Pipeline

How many times have you gotten the question from ownership about current sales? “What is in the pipeline?”

When speaking of the “pipeline”, criteria has to be established for the sales reps so they know what should be included. Is it a prospect that has a 70 % or higher likelihood to close? This kind of question is a good example of clear criteria

Then as you are projecting revenue, defining what has been the real percentage of closure of the pipeline can be established over a couple of measurements.

This basic concept of following up leads to closure of prospects (positive or negative) in the sales process. It also gives you an opportunity to ask for referrals. Remember, although a person may not be interested, they may know someone that is.

The thing about follow up is that you never know when someone might change their mind. How many people have you talked to in your sales career that said, “No” the first time but came back and bought later on? Of course, if the prospect buys then they should go into a different follow up channel within your service cadence.

So FOLLOW UP!!!!!!!

Vic Gregovits

Vic Gregovits has over 20 years of experience working with various NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL teams, developing their sales staffs for great revenue goals. Gregovitus teaches key negotiation tactics, as well as creating pricing strategies, turnaround management and thought leadership. His continued role is to fuel millions in incremental revenue and drive partnerships for every franchise client and their sales team. Gregovits will be teaching "Getting The Face-To-Face Appointment" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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