Engagement: Achieving Sales Nirvana

Prospect Engagement

Engagement is an all-encompassing word. One of the words that I can’t get away from as I continue to read about where sales is going, talk to progressive sales leaders, and construct my own philosophies is the word ‘engagement’. It’s no longer good enough to open up a call with strength.

We have to be engaging, and not just on the phone. We have to be engaging in social media, in the construction of our emails, and in networking situations. If we don’t stand out from all the noise that is in the entertainment universe these days we’ll be left behind. The best reps of 2016 will be the ones who are the most engaging in EVERY medium.

How should we think about this? Conditions differ by the medium used to connect, so let’s break those down quickly with a few questions for reps to consider:

Phone Engagement

Does your energy come through the phone? Would you engage with yourself? Are you genuinely attempting to learn why a person needs tickets? Later that night when the conversation is over, will the prospect remember a phone call from SOMEONE with your team, or will they remember BRETT at the team? Will who you are stick with them?

Email Engagement

Are you providing value in your email that the prospect couldn’t get elsewhere? Are you positioning yourself as the insider for that person/company with your team? Are you using email to make it clear when you’ll be getting back in touch with them? Is your email full of information or value?

Social Media Engagment

Are you selling on social, or are you providing value on social media? If someone was looking you up, what would they think about you based on your LinkedIn & Twitter postings? Are you talking about a deal, or providing value about how a client can better their life by using your product? When you engage in Social Media, are you doing it in a way that shows value, or just trying to have a conversation?

Networking Engagement

Do you stick with your group or branch out immediately? Do you search for people/companies that you might have a connection with? Are you open to conversation in the way you make eye contact, or are you closed through avoidance? Do you come across as someone that you would want to interact with?

Most of the above are yes/no questions for a reason…you’re either engaging or you’re not. If you’re not, unfortunately you are shut out of even entering the sales process. Professional sports sales reps have relied on the front of their jerseys to help schedule meetings historically, but now they have to rely on the name on the back of their jerseys…and that starts and ends with engagement.

Brett Zalaski

Brett Zalaski runs one of the most energetic sports sales training regimes in the history of sports. He's sold sports at the highest level, building revenue for NBA TMBO, the MLS National Sales Center, the Columbus Crew, Boston Blazers Lacrosse just to name a few. Zalaski will be getting after it, teaching his "Sales Training Starter Kit" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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