Cold Calling: Take Hold of Your Future

Future of Sales

Controlling your future means focusing on what works for you.

I am amazed at how many people make excuses for their failures. This is somebody who is running fewer appointments than they would like, making less than ideal money, or is not advancing professionally.

If I had a dollar for every time someone defended their mediocrity I would have retired to the Caribbean by now.

Here Are Some Excuses I Hear:

“If only I knew people that could benefit from the services that I provide, I would be killing it”

“If only my timing was better, I would have closed that deal”

“If only people knew about me, my sales would increase”

Please, Stop With The Excuses

I hate playing the victim and I make a rotten guest at a pity party. When it comes to the financial security of my family, nobody is going to have the final say but me.

When it comes to my ability to sell, I am going to have the ultimate decision on volume. When it comes to the number of appointments I run, I will limit myself only on the demands on my time for that week.

Do you get my drift? The only person who is going to limit my success is me.

I am not a narcissist, nor am I living in a fantasy land. I am oozing with confidence because I employ the ultimate weapon when it comes to strategic effectiveness: Cold calling.

Cold Calling Still Has A Future In Sales

Imagine you are a financial advisor who is seeking out divorce attorneys to network with. How might you go about introducing yourself to them?

  • Attend networking events
  • Scour LinkedIn for connections
  • Send out mass e-mails

I struggle with things outside of my control. I love public speaking because I am controlling what comes out of my mouth. I adore cold calling because I know what I am about to say.

Eliminating The Stress of Sales

I stress out watching the Green Bay Packers because I don’t know what Aaron Rodgers is about to do, or whether Eddie Lacy is going to put the ball on the turf. Why would you engage in any of the aforementioned activities with regularity when there are many aspects that are uncontrollable? The future is uncertain if you don’t try to control the environment around you.

When you go to the networking event, are you in complete control of the guest list? Would it be an efficient use of your time to show up, work the room, and realize that nary a single divorce attorney was present?

Would it be efficient to go through the connections of your LinkedIn contacts and ask them for introductions to the attorneys in their networks? By the time the entire process plays itself out, you have missed out on business that a guy like me has taken from you while you were playing Connect the Dots.

Cold Calling Allows Me To Control My Environment

With cold calling, I control who is on my list to call and can speak to as many as I desire based upon the number of calls I choose to make. With cold calling, I control the number of appointments I run and who I elect to work with based upon the effort I wish to put into the matter.

A huge reason for my success is I know exactly who I am calling, when I am calling, why I am engaging in this activity, and how I am going to convince them to meet with me. This is my future. This is how I am going to continue selling.

Are you the person who avoids cold calling because it is difficult? Are you the individual who refrains from cold calling because “experts” have told you not to? Something tells me that if you fall into one of these two categories, you are also a person who feels at the mercy of circumstances beyond your control, which is hindering your level of success.

Stop hoping for a great year and start making it one! Stop dreaming that your ideal client will reach out to you and pick up the phone. Instead, show her what she is missing! Your overall success level is determined by nobody but yourself, and to think otherwise is a misguided error. Make 2016 your best year ever by including a robust cold calling program in your quiver and watch the goals you set get surpassed in no time.

Paul Neuberger

Paul Neuberger is The Cold Call Coach, who has trained sales teams, including NBA and MLB sales floors, how to make more effective sales calls. Neuberger will be teaching "Implementing Strategic Sales Initiatives" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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