The Assembly Line Sales Process

A Sale A Day

Even an assembly line master had to be taught how to organize and develop his sales process. Henry Ford once offered up $10,000 to learn secret of success from anyone that could teach him.

A man came forward and gave Ford an envelope with these instructions:

  • Write down everything you need to do today
  • Do them

The Secret of Success Lies Within Each of Us

Our goal is to make a sale a day. This is the secret of success. How to get there?

By taking 15 minutes before you leave each night to plan your next day’s sales.

How do we generally start our day? The water cooler, check emails, make a few calls, more emails…no real plan but rather just moving the day along. By spending the last 15 minutes before you leave at night you can start on a positive note with a plan in mind. How?

Build Your Assembly Line Sales Process Now

Our days should begin with our “A” prospects first…ones who could easily be turned into a sale with a little work. You have qualified them. The next step is to meet. Then switch to turning “B” prospects into “A” prospects. We call them “B” prospects because they take a little more work. Since we are hyped by calling the “A” prospects and talk more confidently and positively, we are more apt to turn the B’s into A’s. Lastly, we call our “C” prospects…the cold calls. The goal here is to turn them into “B” prospects. The cycle continues, day after day.

Contacts? Following the instructions given to Henry Ford, we need to make 50 new contacts a day minimum. The more people we ask for a sale, the more sales we’ll get. You may get a “yes” once in 100, but at least you know you’re going to have a sale.

The Power of The Referral

Next, ask for referrals from your best clients. Referrals are like past customers, in that they come pre-qualified. They are the easiest to call and generally we feel most confident with them.

Make sure you have plenty of business cards. Do you hand out at least 10 a day? Make it an assembly line habit. They can be good bookmarks, quick grocery lists, good doorstops, great on fixing wobbly tables…but the best use of all is in another person’s hand.

Honing Your Sphere of Influence

Lastly, make sure you are on track to make regular contact with those in your sphere of influence in an assembly line process. Ensure that you are keeping up, in a rotation, in order to develop those relationship further. This is the 200 people that everyone knows…your family, friends, etc. When a new sales rep starts, the first thing I make them do is to sit down for a couple of hours each day and make a list of every family member (even in laws and out laws), a list of friends, a list of their friends, a list of organizations each family and friend belongs to, where each works…by the time we are done, the new sales rep has well over 200 calls to make.

And these will be pre-qualified calls, as you will start with the family and friends, let them know what you are doing, then ask them who else you can call (introduce yourself to, say you are related to them, and what you are doing). Then you keep asking each person you now “meet” for some people to call so you can introduce yourself. That is the easiest start in the world, as that is how “comfortable” sales are made.

Prospect In Sales Is A Measurement Of Time Invested

The prospects can go on for months and years that way. This is why you develop your assembly line sales process. Don’t just service one person, service many. This is exactly the same with referrals…and even more so. If you are not from the area, referrals become your sphere of influence. Ever hear of Vector Marketing? They engage high school and college students to sell everything from kitchen knives to pots and pans, utilizing this method as it is their comfort zone.   Some earn thousands of dollars a month, all from the sphere of influence.

Success isn’t all that complicated. It’s a matter of planning your work and working your plan. Without a plan in mind you jump from one thing to another with no real vision or goal. Remember, the goal is a sale a day. If you do all you should everyday, you WILL be successful!

Kathy Burrows

Kathy Burrows has developed multiple revenue streams for franchises for over a decade. Burrows will be teaching "Winning Over Group Leaders" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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