What I Was Reminded on a Flight

Nervous Flight

Recently I was on a plane where the stewardess mentioned to me and a guy on the front of the plane that she had just finished her training… and that we were her first flight. You could tell she was excited and nervous.

This Was Really Her First Flight

She misread her opening speech, totally botching it. She also hit the wrong button to play the safety instructions, which was comical. She spilled the coffee, worse than a bumbling comedian. She almost broke the service cart trying to fit it back in in the wrong direction, in a day from hell.

On the surface this seemed like a disaster. Yet, the man (another frequent flier) and I walked off saying the same thing, “She’s going to be awesome.”

Why did we say that?

She was open, genuine and honest with her passengers. She laughed at herself, making jokes which put those passengers at ease. She was incredibly personable, and connected with her audience. She apologized for her mistakes without blaming anyone else. She talked to us about our jobs and careers. She told us why we just had to see a movie. She didn’t stop smiling and enjoying her ‘dream job’, even when everything was falling apart.

There’s Something To Be Learned From Everything

Sales techniques and sales tactics can be learned. They can be honed over time. The feeling of having a genuine experience with another person is something that is much harder to teach. It comes down to whether a rep individually makes the decision to try and connect with each person they are selling to, or if they are just trying to sell them anything.

Be open, be honest, be vulnerable, and be yourself. The market is full of incredibly mediocre, insincere, and forgettable sales people. Be the one who is memorable.

Brett Zalaski

Brett Zalaski runs one of the most energetic sports sales training regimes in the history of sports. He's sold sports at the highest level, building revenue for NBA TMBO, the MLS National Sales Center, the Columbus Crew, Boston Blazers Lacrosse just to name a few. Zalaski will be getting after it, teaching his "Sales Training Starter Kit" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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