Selling The Bandwagon Of Sports Wins

Selling The Fan Bandwagon

The fan bandwagon emerges when the team wins. More fans jump on board. But you can sell the bandwagon long before there’s anything to celebrate. By creating urgency of what may happen after the team starts to soar.

While weaving in and out of a sea of orange during the Broncos Super Bowl parade and rally, I wanted to enjoy the event for a few reasons. My love for sports has grown however now the sports business geek in me far outweighs the mere inner fan.

I can finally cross ‘attend a Super Bowl parade’ off of my sports bucket list. Two worlds collided on those crowded streets, my boyhood fan and the adult business fan, and I don’t know if they will ever separate. As I parked my car at the Pepsi Center and made my way toward the rally, everywhere I turned people were driven mad by this celebration.

The cheers could be heard 5-6 blocks away. Just walking down 16th Street I heard story after story from fans about their connection to this Broncos team. The excitement hung in the air and infected everyone it touched. The magic of a sports team bringing Denver together for something worth celebrating was a sight to behold.

Naturally an event like this got me thinking: “How can the Denver Broncos winning a Super Bowl help me sell for the team I work for?”

A Sense Of Urgency

Five years ago, The Denver Broncos were struggling to find an identity at quarterback. I remember one of my friends had passed on the chance to buy a season ticket package because of their non-traditional quarterback under center.

Then, all of a sudden, Peyton Manning signs with the Broncos and season tickets are sold out!

What if my friend had decided to jump on board when he had the chance? Instead he is beating himself up for not jumping on board with the Broncos when the opportunity presented itself. In sports you never know what can happen.

It is our job as sports sales executives to paint the picture of why right now, this particular seat location, this group event, this player signing, etc. is the best time to move forward with the sale.

Connective Tissue Of Civic Pride

Of all the cities and states I’ve ever lived in or visited, Colorado residents have the most pride for where they live. In Denver the CO state flag can be seen everywhere. It is on merchandise and even incorporated into company and sports logos.

This sense of city and state pride becomes more apparent and intensifies during sporting events. For the Colorado Rapids, our slogan is “Colorado for Life” so our sales teams need to capitalize on this state pride because of the Denver Broncos!

Establishment Of Lifelong Bonds

An estimated 1 million people united in orange for the Broncos Super Bowl celebration. I decided to don a Peyton Manning jersey to join the celebration. After all, I couldn’t miss out on an experience like this! Now think about the team you work for.

When people are attending your stadium, there is a common reason for people coming to your games: The experience.

How many times have you given a high-five to a random stranger after a 54-yard touchdown scamper by the running back? What about a textbook header from that perfect cross rocketed to the back post? And the big game that you and your buddies still talk about five years later? There is nothing quite like the stadium experience and the memories the games can create, so sell it.

Sports Bandwagon Magic

In May of 2015 the Denver Broncos had a 14 to 1 odds of winning the Super Bowl. Matter of fact, the hands-down favorite to win Super Bowl 50 was the Seattle Seahawks.

Talk about a tale of two seasons.

The magic of sports is that every team gets a fresh beginning, a renewed sense of hope, an undefeated record, and the unpredictability of the impending season. When someone decides to jump on board to support the team, they are committing to win with the team, lose with the team, celebrate with the team, and suffer with the team.

After all, isn’t it better for them to be along for the ride versus jumping on board at the end of the season? Get them on board to enjoy the season with you before it is too late!

Never Too Late To Join

Even if your team didn’t win the Super Bowl, the vast majority of people that we are calling are sports fans! They have the belief that their team will win. It’s their bandwagon. It may be smaller than the one that secures to the title at the end of the year, but it is relevant. It is our job to connect the dots between the championship team and the team we work for on how we can help create memories with their friends and family, enhance their business by getting in front of clients, strengthen existing client relationships, etc.

Right now, everyone in Colorado is begging to talk sports. When one team wins, so do all of the others in town!

Eli Madden

Eli Madden is The Director of Ticket Sales at the Colorado Mammoth. Madden will be teaching "Building A Sales Foundation" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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