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Spy Sales Prospects

“I Spy” is a great asset from when we were children. Remember that game we used to play? I watched a friend’s little girl the other day and asked what she would like to do. She responded she wanted to play “I Spy.” Two and a half hours later, I was just about spied out. But what fascinated me the most was just how much there is to spy in one little area for two and a half hours. How many things do we see every day and just let them run past our eyes? How many things do we take for granted?

I Spy Sales Prospects

I think it’s time we, as salespeople, started playing “I Spy.” The 15 minute “how was your night last night” or “how was your weekend” could turn into a 15 minute “I Spy” discussion. How many leads can you spy (eyeballing) on your way into work, on your way home from work, as you read the newspaper or magazine, as you walk the dog at night, as you head up to the grocery store for a 6 pack of Kool Aid , as you stop for gas, as you jog your way to better health, as you meet friends at the local pub after work, etc.

The morning water cooler meetings that used to hold company gossip could turn into great sales motivation tools. Arrive in the mornings with your “I Spy” list from the evening before and the morning run in. See who can come up with the most leads to start the day. (That’s time management 101…have your leads ready to start the day!)

Revealing What Is Around Us

How many do we take for granted and assume would never buy, only to have someone else sell to them? The most frustrating sale to lose is the one right in front of your nose. With the majority of sports teams in or near a major city, there are hundreds of trucks we pass, billboards that are advertisements, local and big city newspapers with leads, and neighborhoods that you can walk around. What about the new construction going up? There are leads in the construction trucks, the fencing companies, the cement companies, etc. What about the bus ads as they sit at the stop light with you? All we have to do is spy it, jot it down, then call the next morning.

Successful sales people take nothing for granted. They assume everyone wants to purchase what they have to offer, and there are a lot of untapped “everyone’s” out there! By starting out with that frame of mind, you already put yourself ahead of 65% of sales people out there.

So as you start your next work morning, bring your lists to the water cooler meeting and make it a challenge…who has the most “I Spy” items, and, at the end of the week, who has made the most sales from “I Spy”? By working as a team, having the tenacity of a child in a game, and challenging each other, we will all end up with more sales and achieving our goals…and have some fun doing it!

Kathy Burrows

Kathy Burrows has developed multiple revenue streams for franchises for over a decade. Burrows will be teaching "Winning Over Group Leaders" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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