Hiring A Buddy In Sports Can Get You Fired

Buddy Blind Side

Sports is a buddy business. You have to know people to get in and move ahead because others will look out for your best interests. Even before a job is posted your friends will call to let you know that someone has left a position you might be interested in.

That’s the good side of friends in the business. However, there is a much more negative side that should be viewed as how not to go about hiring friends to surround yourself with.

A Who You Know Business

As odd as the suggestions seems that “you don’t want your buddies working alongside you”, there is a lot of truth to the idea that friends can get you fired. First, because they are friends, they will refrain from criticizing you and won’t accept criticism. After all, they are friends with you. The other issue is that friends tend to shield you from criticism, mainly because they don’t want to see you hurt. It can insulate you from minor issues which then expand into major problems, costing you the ability to be flexible in problem-solving.

Hiring A Buddy Can Be A Blind Side

This doesn’t mean you should find people you hate to work with, but you also need that separation of work and play. You need a third-party view of your performance, someone who WON’T side with you regardless of the situation.  When you have to air out criticisms it shouldn’t create a negative environment in the office. If you bring your friends into the office space you tend to lose the ability to be too open to anyone because it can harm the cohesiveness.

Suddenly current staff doesn’t feel on solid ground with your decisions (mainly because there was no hiring process, just a buddy-hire). This can also suggest that anytime there is an issue your friend may use your name to get their way in a decision. That can be office poison, because now, no one trusts you.


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