Getting Into A Prospecting Mindset

When You Are Prospecting

Every sales person performs prospecting. A lot them are really trying to better at it. Right now, there is a sales person sitting in the corner, afraid to go out and prospect. This is about a mindset of fear, being transferred into a mindset of positivity when it comes to how to prospect clients.

If it makes you sick to prospect, if you are scared or depressed, there is hope. All it takes is 5 seconds. That’s right, 5 seconds.

Stop rolling your eyes, read on, and let’s address the issue head-on.

This 5 second solution has worked more for the people that I’ve coached, specifically because it helps them get into the right mindset. This is a method that I have been using for a long time. Because it works. Seriously, it matters to get into a mindset that works in order to push your prospecting forward.

The 5 Second Prospecting Solution

Just say these 5 words “I can’t wait to prospect!” That’s it. In fact you can fit it in twice within 5 seconds.  Try it.

It is a mindset. You have to get used to it.

“I can’t wait to prospect. I can’t wait to prospect.”

Maybe you switch up the EMPHASIS. I CAN’T wait to start prospecting. I can’t WAIT to start prospecting…etc.

It cannot just be a manager who gets you into that mindset. You can’t be forced into a corner. You have want it. You should say it, because you value it, not just because someone else forces you to want to believe in it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Say this the night before you get to sit down and prospect. Say it as you’re brushing your teeth the day of the blessed event. Say it as you bust into the sales office and watch your colleagues recoil in fear. And say it as you pick up the phone.

Seems ridiculously simple, and it is. So don’t fight it…just do it.

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett has trained multiple sports franchises over a 20-year sales career, and is a successful podcaster. Bennett will be teaching "Sales Staff Management Skills" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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