Creating A Sales Culture

Build Sales Culture

Sales culture can determine the success of your business. In the sales world, you want to create a culture of teamwork, trust, accountability, success, and FUN. The goal should be to have your sales team enjoy coming to work every day and aiming for success. Sports marketing legend Mike Veeck preaches this all the time.

In my experience managing sales teams, I have found that structure is very important. The staff should know what is expected of them. Set up individual and team goals and targets on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Celebrate Victories Together

Share the effort and results publicly. What I mean by this is that if you have monitors that show real-time call volume, e-mail volume and real time sales, these can be celebrated.

We have multiple TV monitors throughout our sales area showing current individual sales totals, team competition, number of calls, and talk time as measurements. All of this data should be tracked in your CRM system as well.

The public nature of this kind of setup makes it self-regulating. Not only doesn’t the staff want to be embarrassed individually, but the peer pressure from their teammates wanting to leave early on Friday is there as well.

Sales Culture Means Fun

Assuming all of this is in place, you can also have some fun. Divide the staff into teams; challenge them to compete against one another. The winners should be rewarded with a prize. Prizes can include gift cards, items, or perks. A prize can act as a great motivator. The prize of leaving early on a Friday has become the favorite.   If the sales group has hit the weekly goal collectively, the winning team earns the chance to leave 1-2 hours early on Friday afternoon. This prize really works well as a motivator.

Flexibility is another important feature in creating a good culture.   In my business, flexible hours are an option. Each sales person can schedule his or her 40 hours on a weekly basis. A majority of my younger sales people prefer coming in early and leaving by 4:00 pm or 4:30pm. This shows the sales people that you trust them to be responsible to get their work done in those 40 hours. The focus is on the completion of work and not the time clock.

When facing deadlines, you may need to designate hours for a short period. We have a deadline coming up on the pricing of one of our products. In an effort to get that last-minute push, we will be having a sales blitz on the final day of the deadline. The sales people will work from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Lunch and dinner will be provided and there will be random gift card giveaways throughout the day. The salespeople do not mind the set hours as long as they are given notice in advance to plan the remainder of the week.

Recognition of sales is another aspect of a fun sales culture. Celebrate a big sale by ringing a bell or playing an appropriate clip from YouTube on the monitors. This celebrates the person making the sale and motivates others to make sales as well.

The workplace is exactly that, a place of work. Employees must know they are accountable for their work and goals. Create a sales culture in the workplace that includes trust, teamwork, and FUN as well as accountability. If you do, success and job satisfaction will result.

Vic Gregovits

Vic Gregovits has over 20 years of experience working with various NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL teams, developing their sales staffs for great revenue goals. Gregovitus teaches key negotiation tactics, as well as creating pricing strategies, turnaround management and thought leadership. His continued role is to fuel millions in incremental revenue and drive partnerships for every franchise client and their sales team. Gregovits will be teaching "Getting The Face-To-Face Appointment" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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