Don’t Throw Away The Benefits

Throwaway Benefits

When benefits cease to exist, so does the sale. Salespeople have a tendency to talk about their benefits to clients early in the conversation. And talk about the benefits. And talk about the benefits. Young salespeople are excited to explain these benefits because they know they’ve been a reason people have bought seats in the past, so they use them as a way to try and put the sale into hyper drive.

There’s three gigantic problems with this:

  1. Those benefits don’t make sense to the client without context or desire for the tickets.
  2. All that talking overwhelms the client.
  3. The tickets DECREASE in value if the benefit are something that won’t be used.

So what should you do with them?

Easy. Hold on to them until you realize they may matter to the client, or use them to help handle objections. Customize and tailor each benefit as something that was created for that client specifically. Use it to make them feel special. So how do you do that?
Let’s say you find out the client has a daughter who’s also a basketball player and your team has a “meet the team” event. You could say, “Brian, it’s awesome to hear your daughter is picking up basketball.

We have so many families that jump on board with season tickets because they want to stoke that fire to keep being excited for the sport as they grow older. In fact, totally exclusive to our season ticket holders is our ‘meet the team’ event where Kristin would get the chance to be face to face with all her heroes…and you’re certainly welcome to join, too! How cool is that?”

Benefits Matter To Every Customer. Talk Them Up.

Or, let’s say that the client has told you that they can’t afford your season tickets.

You could say, “Katie, I absolutely understand the challenge there. Monetarily, season tickets are not a small investment. I’ve had a number of my clients tell me the exact same thing before they jumped on board. What they love about being a season ticket holder is the opportunity for them to participate with our payment plan. This was created precisely for people like you who have not prepared for this investment, and would be better off including this into a monthly or bi-monthly budget. Even better, this payment plan is interest-free, so you would not pay any more than what the cost you see today is. How cool is that?”

Hopefully you can see that the more tailored and specific these are, the more valuable they become to the client. The more that client takes ownership of this opportunity, the more likely they are to say ‘yes’ to season tickets. Don’t use your ticket benefits as a talking point, use them as a selling point.

Brett Zalaski

Brett Zalaski runs one of the most energetic sports sales training regimes in the history of sports. He's sold sports at the highest level, building revenue for NBA TMBO, the MLS National Sales Center, the Columbus Crew, Boston Blazers Lacrosse just to name a few. Zalaski will be getting after it, teaching his "Sales Training Starter Kit" at the Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016.

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